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Please Note:

When doing rehab work on older manholes, there is a simple way to install the first Ladtech Ring.

1. Remove all older product to where you feel secure about the structure. 
2. Then mix NON-SHRINK grout (located at any hardware or lumber shop) to a 1" slump. Taking your trowel and place the grout on the outer half of the base (in a pyramid shape) that you will place the first ring on. 
3. Take a 1 1/2" or 2" Ladtech ring and place the butyl rubber material on the flat surface next to the lip of the ring. then place this ring onto the grout forcing the ring to become solid. You may need to walk on the ring to force it down solid.
4. Then measure the distance to the top, subtract the casting and use a variety of Ladtech Rings to get to the depth needed.
 There is no need to wait for set up time to back fill.

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